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Acne fulminans

Acne Fulminans

Acne is a common set of diseases on skin. This is very common among adults above the age of 17 or 18. There have been a number of acnes known to people but one of the most prevalent is called acne vulgaris. The seriousness of acne is determined by various different factors but, if it is not taken care of, even mild acne would eventually be severe acne.

Acne fulminans – a rare type

Acne fulminans is one of the most serious types of acne vulgaris. The normal type of severe acne vulgaris is often called cystic acne. If this type of acne is left untreated, it would spread and get worse until it gradually turns into acne conglobata. Acne fulminans is even a more serious type of acne compared to acne conglobata. In the past, this type of acne was most popularly known as acute febrile ulcerative acne or acne maligna. Acne feminans is a direct result of untreated acne conglobata.

Acne fulminans is considered to be a rare type of acne and is believed to be a direct result of high androgen levels and antigens emanating from Propionibacterium, the acne-causing bacterium. Among some people, androgens are the only cause.

Apart from that, it has been confirmed that acne fulminans could also be genetics, meaning that children of parents with cases of acne fulminans are very likely to have acne fulminans compared to others. Acne fulminans is mostly found among males with a history of acne, ranging from the ages of 13 to 22.

Below are some of the typical features:
1.Serious inflammation
2.Bigger acne nodules
3.Disturbing cysts on the chest and back
4.Serious acne marks
5.Reoccurring fever
7.Poor appetite

In some cases, this could cause unusual inflammation, like bone inflammation, or pains in the joints. It can be treated through a lot of different ways and one of the most common one is by taking oral antibiotics. If the condition is not that serious, the combination of both isotretinoin and oral steroid could be used to treat it. Administering isotretinoin and steroids to treat acne fulminans would normally alleviate the symptoms.
This is supposed to be taken very seriously and should not be trivialized. It is, in fact, a very severe condition that needs to be taken care of quickly. Serious medical conditions could kick in as the results of untreated acne fulminans. If you are having the exact symptoms of it, you have to see a doctor for immediate help.


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