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Does Biotin Cause Acne

Does Biotin Cause Acne?

Does Biotin Cause Acne, What You Should Know

Does biotin cause acne?

Hormonal change as the main cause of acne is influenced by many factors; one of them comes from consuming supplement. Acne is formed when dead skin cells and bacteria block the normal oil flow in the skin. Then, the inflammation is shown as red bump on the skin surface.

What is biotin?

Biotin or B7 is water-soluble vitamin. It can be found in small amounts in foods like liver, peanuts, raw egg yolk, and vegetables. We need Biotin for cellular growth, fatty acids production, the conversion of glycogen to glucose and the synthesis of amino acids.

Biotin supplement

Commonly, people take this supplement to cure hair loss problem. Other must take it because they have to prevent and treat biotin deficiency. This is often associated with some factors: malnutrition, pregnancy, rapid weight loss, etc. Several medical cases use it too for brittle nails, diabetes, and mild depression.

Why does biotin cause acne?

The rumor starts from several people experience as follow: acne occurs when taking biotin and acne fades after they stop consuming it. Scientifically explained, if someone takes too much biotin, the level of B5 vitamin will fall down. Pimples appear when people lack of B5 vitamin. Therefore you will face higher risk to get cystic acne (the worst acne type) on the chin and jaw line.

Reversely, biotin might be used to treat acne. What it means by biotin here is the consuming the supplement alone without additional ingredients. Even though you find evidence or studies related with this matter, those are too small and unclear to be the right basic to answer the question.

An assumption that we can believe is whether biotin really cause actually influenced by many factors. An individual might get acne in a short time after take the supplement while another might feel significant change on the skin. About the studies and research, we cannot be certain concerning the exact truth on how biotin works to trigger acne.

How to take the supplement properly

You can take this supplement after the doctor approved its use based on your health condition. Follow the proper dosage is very important. Children and adults have different need of biotin. Taking 5000 mg is not a smart decision because due to its high dosage only certain treatment with certain people who are allowed to take with this amount under professional supervision.

If possible avoid taking biotin. For instance, if you want to regrow your hair there are better and safer ways to solve the problem. As biotin deficiency is rarely happen the obligatory to take biotin is weak. In the end, when you don’t have any choice expect this supplement, please take the pure biotin with proper dosage or replace the supplement with food that rich in biotin.


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