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Does Coffee Cause Acne

Does Coffee Cause Acne?

Does Coffee Cause Acne, How They Relate to Each Other

Like all of us know, drinking coffee has become a popular lifestyle among workers, young adult, and others. Are you a coffee lover? In that case, we can imagine how you will see coffee as magical drink. Coffee has replaced proper breakfast and its flexibility makes this drink can be founded easily start from the road site till five stars hotel.

Does Coffee Cause Acne

From the entire pro and cons regarding coffee, there is a talk that coffee might trigger acne. Of course it will not come up in the society without reason behind. Then, does coffee cause acne?

Understand the basic
Caffeine is only a one of compounds inside coffee. Broadly speaking, the amount of compounds in one thing (fruit, vegetable, etc) reach 500. But, coffee has about 1000 chemical compounds. Because of its complex essence there is mix of both health and unhealthy effect to the body.

Before we inspect further, there are two important points to know. First, most acne usually is the result of hormonal imbalance. Second, although caffeine has positive effect like wakes people up and increases focus, it can be harmful too.

Stress-insulin level
Coffee seems to be the right cure when you are stress with any problem you have. On the opposite way, it actually generates the body to produce excessive stress hormone. Then the insulin level will go up higher than it should be. With this level, the skin produces more oil, clog the pore, and worsen the inflammation.

Another unknown compound called mycotoxins might give contribution to acne formation. Equal to caffeine, it can worsen your acne. Most coffee you drink on the street during your break contains mycotoxins. Even if you would like to drink free-mycotoxins coffee, it will be a hard task because only few people who sell/serve that plus the price is very expensive.

Bad eating habit
When you stress, the desire to eat more unhealthy food such (high calorie foods, salty and sweet food, high-carbohydrate snacks, or basically junk food) will increase. Your acne appearance might be the main fault of coffee itself which means other foods above are the culprit that contributes more to your skin problem.

Do you add other thing on your coffee? It is common to see how people put a lot of sugar, milk and other additional ingredients. Especially if you add milk, the coffee will transform into dangerous bomb. Once your blood sugar increases, the skin can be damaged and the immune system will be pressured in a bad way. Some people try to change their daily coffee with black coffee in order to minimize the adverse consequences. Well, the truth is even black coffee still has a chance to cause acne.

Does Coffee Cause Acne?
Since each individual react differently with coffee, you have a bad luck if drink coffee too much frequently on daily basis or more than normal. For example, eating meal right after drinking coffee or take them at the same time may block the nutrient absorption from mineral to vitamins. The high acidity of coffee affects evil bacteria to grow outside the limit while kind bacteria are forced to produce less.
The right way to avoid this problem from your love to coffee, just drink it in average amount sometimes.


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