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Pull Through Braid

Easy Hairstyles You Can Make In Just Five Minutes

You always wear your long hair straight because you have no ideas how to make some quick hairstyles that look good. Well, don’t worry anymore. Here are 10 amazing hair tutorials from Pinterest that will show you some easy hairstyles that you can make in just five minutes. Perfect when you’re late for work!

Easy Hairstyles You Can Make In Just Five Minutes

1. Boho Braid Crown

This half-up style is gorgeous, and way easier than it seems at first.

Boho Braid Crown

2. Fishtail Braid

Kassinka has amazing hair tutorials to help you always feel your best and look amazing. Check out her blog for much more tutorials.

Fishtail Braid

3. Pull Through Braid

Something else from Kassinka that I think everyone will really like!

Pull Through Braid

4. Messy Crossover Pony

Oh yes, it is really simple as it seems! It’s from Truelane blog.

messy crossover pony

5. Reverse Braided Bun

Great messy bun comes from Lulu’s blog. Follow this easy steps and create an adorable reverse Dutch braid leading upwards into a messy bun!

Reverse Braided Bun

6. Half-Up Party Lob

Another great one from Lulu’s. Check out the blog to find more amazing hairstyles.

Half-Up Party Lob

7. Khaleesi Inspired Twist

Here comes Khaleesi inspired twist from Koyak blog. Looks easy but beautiful.

Khaleesi Inspired Twist

8. The Twisted Bun

Lulu’s have the best hair tutorials! That’s for sure. Just look at this amazing twisted bun! It’s great for work, but also for going out.

The Twisted Bun

9. Half Up Faux Hawk

Perfect summer hair! Looks amazing and it’s so easy to make.

Half Up Faux Hawk

10. The Double Dutch Braid Bun

The last but not the least comes from amazing Lauren Conrad. It looks simple but so effective, don’t you agree?

The Double Dutch Braid Bun

Did you like these easy to make hair styles? Which one is your favorite? Did you try any? Send us your photos or maybe some cool hair tutorial you made!

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