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facelift procedure

Facelift Procedure Fight the Signs of Aging

The signs of aging can creep up on you without any notice. I remember when I looked in the mirror one day and noticed many forehead wrinkles lining my features. It’s not just the face that shows these aging marks either. Your neck is also a prime area for loose skin. I wanted a solution to my frustration, and I found it in facelift procedures. It’s possible to reduce the signs of aging when you know which doctor is the best in the business.

Facelift procedure

facelift procedure

As my skin was aging, I wanted to understand why that was occurring. In fact, the skin is a complex organ that’s affected by many factors over the years. Within these skin tissues is a mixture of collagen and elastin. In my younger years, my skin was firm and supple. That texture was thanks to the ample collagen and elastin in my skin. As you age, however, your skin loses that elasticity and sags.

One of the simplest options for your youth regeneration is a facelift. These procedures have a simple concept behind them. The doctor creates incisions along your hairline and carefully pulls your facial skin back. Because the skin is being stretched and permanently affixed in that position, you have fewer wrinkles and sagging issues. Every case is different so you’ll need a personalized consultation when you’re ready for the procedure.

I noticed that some of my facial features were actually sinking, such as losing my perky cheekbone appearance. Cosmetic surgery can also help you in that department too. There are numerous implants that you can use, such as cheeks and chins. Your doctor can even create a computer-generated image of your face, so that you can see the finished product before the surgery.

Another fascinating way to discover the fountain of youth is through liposuction techniques. Doctors can remove fat from your face or neck, and strategically place it in another facial location. You can have a distinct jawline or better cheekbones with these procedures. Because the transplanted tissue is your own, there are no worries about rejection or infection. Doctors have a number of options when it comes to this surgery type so discuss all of your options with them at your next appointment.

Don’t let the signs of aging frustrate you anymore. Signup or request more information about cosmetic surgery from the experts at Clinica de Cirugia Cosmetica. Whether you need a nose surgery or facelift procedure, these professionals can find a way to make your appearance several years younger. Time can be on your side instead of writing its pages on your skin.


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