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How can I get rid of pimples?

How Can I Get Rid of Pimples?

Pimples is a normal skin problem which affects many people. Pimple or acne is an infection caused by excessive sebaceous gland or known as oil gland which traps dirt and bacteria inside in which it is filled with pus and cause inflammation. Even though pimples can emerge at any skin of the body, the most problematical area is face. How can I get rid of pimples?

How can I get rid of pimples?

How Can I Get Rid OF Pimples?

Many acne sufferers feel that they are treating their skin in the right way, yet the pimple still appear and sometimes become more serious. To get rid of pimples and achieve clear skin, first thing you should know is what the main factor of your pimples. As we know that there are many factors which can cause pimples, for instance hormonal changes, unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and even emotion condition. Teens are more prone to get pimples because of hormonal changes but it commonly will disappear when they reach age 20-22. For women, pimples may appear at their period time since menstruation also related to hormonal changes. Moreover, having unhealthy lifestyle and diet can trigger pimples to appear. Junk foods, candies, fat meats, sweet soft drink and a lot of unhealthy foods maybe the culprit of your pimples. Stress is another factor causing pimples since it is not only stressed your mind but also your skin. Too much exposure on dangerous chemicals contained in the air pollution can clog the pores which result in pimples.

If you understand what is causing your pimples, the next step will be easier. Taking care of your skin by choosing the right treatment for your skin type is the crucial one. If you choose to use lotion or cream products, ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your skin type. Do not choose heavy or greasy creams for your oily skin since it worsen your pimples. For dry skin type, choose acne treatment product which contains more moisturizer. However, for those people who choose to treat their pimples in more natural ways, there are a bunch of home remedies you can use for your acne care routine such as lemon juice, ice cubes, honey, apple cider vinegar, and many others.

If you have done choosing the treatment that probably suitable for you, the last thing you need to do is to maintain healthy lifestyle such as having a good sleep and eat healthier foods, and leave your bad habit to dealing with pimples like squeezing and picking at spot.


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