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How to Get Rid of Pimples on Face

How to get rid of pimples on face

How to get rid of pimples on face

Face is the primary part of the body that people would firstly notice when they see you. Unfortunately, pimples over face usually undermine a person’s confidence to appear in front of public. In spite of the fact that there have been countless tips on how to get rid of pimples on face, many people still don’t know what the best treatment they should take. Meanwhile, some people do not put up with a series of treatment though they are basically just a piece of cake.
Here, I’ll tell you a trick on how to get rid of pimples on your face by what most people even avoiding to do, not to say, squeezing pimples. Many people believe that squeezing pimples actually will only put you in a worse situation. But, it’s not that truly right as long as you do it correctly. How to get rid of pimples on face?
To begin with, you need to prepare:
– a sewing needle
– alcohol
– acne facial wash
– gauze pad
– an ice pack
– tea tree oil

After all things have been prepared, now what you have to do is:

1. First, take a sewing needle and sterilize it with alcohol. Make sure that you have completely sterilized it by soaking its most part in alcohol. Then, put it in a clean place.

2. Now, wash your hand and face thoroughly by using the acne facial wash. Ensure you have cleansed your face so that there are no oil and bacteria especially those around the pimple you are going to squeeze. Then, gently pat it dry.

3. Next, take the needle and prick the pimple gently with the needle tip.

4. Put back the needle, and then apply pressure with two of your fingers and squeeze it gently. Remember that you should not squeeze too close to the pimple, and that you should give some range while squeezing. Squeeze the blood or clear liquid out of the pimple.

5. Then, you can take gauze pad, soak it in alcohol, and wipe it on the pimple to kill the bacteria

6. Now, you can place an ice pack over the pimple and hold it for about a couple of minutes. This will help to reduce the pain as well as the swelling.
It’s quite easy isn’t it? Now, as a follow-up treatment, you can take tea tree oil and apply it on the pimple before going to bed to kill the bacteria. Be sure to wash it when you wake up. To finish, if you would like to use any make up, it is better to use one that is oil free in order to prevent acne from appearing due to oil-clogged pores.


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