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How to Remove Acne Marks Fast

How to Remove Acne Marks Fast

How to remove acne marks fast

Almost all of people in this world definitely have already known about the most common skin problem called acne. Teens and adults must have been undergoing acne in their life. Having acne maybe does not really hurt yet it makes someone appearance’ looks bad and what’s more terrifying is the post-acne marks. Reddish and sometimes darker spots left by the acne are surely annoying especially on the face. Acne marks are sometimes hard to remove and can take months to years to lighten completely. Some people think that using over-the-counter creams is enough but the combination of these treatments will do much better in fading acne marks. Here is how to remove acne marks fast.

1. Exfoliation
Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells and expose new skin underneath. By exfoliating the top layer of skin, the healthier skin will appear and help to fade the acne marks faster. Either by using scrubs, washcloth, or even chemical exfoliation can maximize the removing process of acne marks. For better result, try to choose products which contain AHA or retinoid.

2. Skin Lighteners
Skin lighteners such as kojic acid, licorice extract, arbutin, mulberry extract, and vitamin C help to get rid of acne marks faster. There are so many products which can lighten the dark spot caused by the acne. Making DIY skin lighteners from natural remedies is also allowed and proved to be safer and having harmless side effects than OTC creams. For example, lemon juice is believed to heal acne marks faster since it contains a lot of vitamin C. Just try squeezing a lemon and apply the juice on the acne marks and leave it about 15-20 minutes. Many skin lightener products contain dangerous ingredients such as mercury and hydroquinone which have bad long term effect. Those ingredients may cause higher cancerous risk if used in longer period. Make sure to check the ingredients of skin lightener products before purchasing.

3. Sunscreens
Actually, it is the most important must-have item no matter what the skin condition is, with or without acne marks. Well, this item is the ultimate weapon to fight the harmful sunrays which can make the hyper pigmentation to the skin and the acne marks as well. Sun rays do darken acne marks and therefore, do not go outside without wearing skin protection product like sunscreen. However, there’s no such product that completely remove acne marks in no time. Remember that it will take time and consistency before the acne marks totally gone.


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