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Does smoking weed cause acne

See the Truth: Does smoking weed cause acne?

Does smoking weed cause acne?

Smoking weed, widely known as marijuana for some people is considered as risky habit. With the fact that marijuana is banned in many countries marijuana, it seems people still become addicted with smoking weed. Acne poses many myths for example: smoking weed can cause acne.

Does smoking weed cause acne

Short info about weed
Cannabis Sativa is the scientific name of marijuana. At the beginning, it is used for medical matter. The plant itself consists of more than 400 components. The name of cannabis of this pant has another meaning: an ingredient which alters brain and body chemistry through the receptors. The most dangerous is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Negative effects
You must have known, people who smoke weed may become stressed and anxious. Similar to other drugs, someone can have emotional imbalance caused by THC. If your acne is definitely the result of hormonal imbalance such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, you better not smoke weed at all. It is because the weed will only worsen your skin condition. Does smoking weed cause acne?

Most cases existed till today, it always about how acne makes people stress about their appearance. The most hateful part of acne is the scar left behind. The smoke from weed can influence the way skin works in normal condition. The smoke from weed contains a large amount of carcinogens. Followed with high temperature, they disrupt the blood flow resulting less oxygen needed by the skin.
Hydrocarbons inside the weed are able to inhibit collagen production. Weed smoke may slow don collagen [production too. Collagen is important because it has a role in healing process. When a scar has been created, it will take harder effort to cure for instance if you get cystic acne (the worst form of acne).

Positive use
Regardless its bad effects, medical world still use for therapy purpose in patients with healthy problem like chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and so forth. Here, marijuana help to relieve pain quite effectively and less harmful than using alcohol. Not many people know that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant essence. Based on this factor, there is possibility that your acne will decrease because of more break out. Reducing inflammation means you will heal faster.

 E-cigarette and Weed vaporizers are thought can avoid the harmful effect of marijuana. However, these ways don’t guarantee your health safety accurately. Apart from weed, other factors from its smoke, how long you smoke, what you eat, etc give more negative impacts. And this is more serious than just being worried about acne.


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