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Does Toothpaste get rid of Pimples

Does Toothpaste get rid of Pimples?

When it comes to treating pimples, one of the most commonly recommended remedies is toothpaste. The golden question on our minds is does toothpaste get rid of pimples or black spots?” The only answer is yes.

Does Toothpaste get rid of Pimples?

The ingredients of toothpaste, such as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, are known to be drying agents. This is the underlying reason why this home remedy has been proven to be very effective for treating acnes. Oils on the surface of skin can be drawn out by the cleansing and absorbent elements in toothpaste. This will help to dry out acnes and reduce inflammation. Besides, toothpaste can also act like a mask which can clear up the impurities on your skin.

Yet, remember, it does not necessarily mean that it would always keep the pimples away. For some people, using toothpaste for treating pimples could also be very harmful especially for those who have sensitive skin or those who are allergic to some or all of the ingredients of toothpaste. So, it is very recommended that you try it out by applying some toothpaste on a small area of your skin and see if it is safe for your skin.

Does toothpaste clear up dark spot, acne scars and blemishes? Toothpaste is known to have antibacterial, cleaning, and absorbent agents. This probably sounds to you that toothpaste has the very elements needed for treating pimples and dark spots. Remember, you are supposed to use toothpaste only if you have severe cases of pimples and, if not, it is better to avoid using it.

You should always remember that toothpaste can be very irritating and could burn your skin, especially if it is sensitive. One of the possible side effects of using toothpaste is that it will likely to cause dryness, redness and peeling of skin. Toothpaste is probably your best remedy when you want to dry out your pimples quickly but you should notice that it should be used proportionately and very carefully. If your skin is broken or peeled, everything will probably get even worse because the broken skin can later become the entry way for some more acne causing bacteria. Because of that reason, a lot of skin care experts are not recommending the use of toothpaste for acne treatment. Yet, some experts believe that using toothpaste for treating acne is safe as long as you use the best type of toothpaste.


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