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keloid scar removal

Keloid Scar Removal

Keloid Scar Removal: Laser Treatment

The thick and itchy clusters of scar tissue that generally grown beyond the edges of a wound, generally known as keloids, are becoming big cosmetic concern for the majority of people. They are the most difficult types of scar to remove or hide from the skin. People usually undertake a series of treatment to deal with this issue. In addition, keloids can be very resistant to treatment. People are trying to get rid of them overnight, but that is not possible.

The most popular procedure people typically consider is keloid scar removal (laser scar removal), which should be done by a specialist at a doctor’s office. This treatment basically works by using lasers to remove the skin layer containing keloids from your body. Before administering such surgical procedure, your doctor will make some preparations by giving you a combination of steroid injections and Cynosure and Candela lasers in order to make the scars flat for the laser treatment afterwards.

After the keloids have been removed from your skin, you will get the clearer and flawless layer of skin. Laser is used to stimulate the growth of collagen beneath the skin surface. This will help to increase the ability of the body to heal the scars from the inside. What you should do next is to take care of skin after the scars have been removed. The follow-up treatment is so important that it will help to curb the recurrence of keloids. It is primary to wash the area with water and mild soap, and pat it gently.

Next, in order that it heals properly, you have to apply antibiotic ointments and cover the area with non-stick bandage. The application of some cool facial masks and medication creams are commonly helpful and recommended as well to get the optimal results of removal. You can ask your doctor about this.

However, it is always important check with your doctor before undertaking laser treatment or any surgical procedures for your keloid removal. This is because laser treatment might not be applicable for every person. Even after you had undergone it, it is still important to hold regular consultations with your doctor to get a follow-up evaluation.

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